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The Ten Benefits of Using a Telecom Consulting Company by Mark Allen

Geographic coverage. What carrier(s) can service all of your locations?
?Price. Who are the lowest and highest priced carriers?
?Product breadth. What carriers offer VoIP, fully managed solutions, integrated bundles, Point-to-Point, QOS, MPLS, frame, ATM, international etc.?
?Installation Timeframe. Which carriers can meet your scheduling requirements? Which carriers can actually deliver what they promise?

Dial Tone? DSL? Long Distance? T1? Go Here For A Quote

?Financial Stability. Which carriers will be in business 5 years from now? What carriers face potential financial obstacles and why?
?Customer Service. Which carriers can you expect to respond intelligently to your needs and/or issues? Who is the quickest? Most professional?
?Technical Service. Which carriers can you depend on to proactively figure out complex issues and to provide timely solutions with the assistance of Sandler/partners support team.
?Specials and Promotions. Which carriers offer special pricing, and which ones are truly special?

Dial Tone? DSL? Long Distance? T1? Go Here For A Quote

?CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS. Need sub-penny rates? 6 decimal place rounding? Tiered and/or by Lata pricing? How about an international VoIP network to allow outsourcing to international locations.
?Conference Calling Solutions. How about free Conference Calling (with or without toll free). Or talk to us about how corporations are increasing productivity by combining online presentation with live interactivity. Continuity.

Unlike working directly with a biased carrier sales team that is constantly re-assigned terminated by the carrier, phone service/internet service master agent is always available to help you get the necessary answers and support from the carriers that we recommend for your telecom requirements.

Mark is the Chief Revenue Officer for SCT Product Sales, Inc.
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