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Network Cabling: How To Get It Right The First Time

Your business relies on its telephone and data line communications, and most buildings weren't built with data intensive uses in mind.

When looking to get your building wired for voice and data, it pays to talk to the professionals. Setting up a network, as anyone who's tried to do it before can attest, is a highly technical operation, with a lot of hidden "gotchas", where some small, overlooked factor can result in days wasted in doing it yourself, trying to get it to work right.

Network architecture and infrastructure is the sort of skill, like basic plumbing, where it's ideal to hire a trained professional. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses don't do this, much to their regret. They get into the habit of "We'll save money and do it ourselves? and the project, when measured in wasted employee man hours, is more expensive than hiring the experts to do it the first time.

Having a dedicated cabling architecture specialist do your networking installation makes sense in other way and will have a preferred configuration that's "known good". They have more experience in doing this and tracking down glitches (or avoiding them in the first place) and can get it up and running quickly.

Furthermore, cabling-wiring contractor will ask you questions about your business, your data management and backup practices, and make suggestions that will save you money in the long term as your business grows to its full potential; this is absolutely a case where planning for the future now will save you money down the road, even if it costs you a bit more now. They'll also point out potential problems in your current infrastructure, like inadequate ventilation for your server room, or making sure your conference room is wired appropriately for video and data.

Ultimately, a good cabling solution pays for itself, by increasing uptime, and making sure your business' core infrastructure can handle all the rigors of growth without crippling you with re-doing the cabling every other year.

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