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Network Cabling 10 Questions to Ask Checklist

When working with your structured cabling contractor on the network and voice cabling of your office, use this checklist to ensure you have covered all scenarios.

1) What type of cabling or wiring service do you need?

Opening a new office
Upgrading an existing office
Expanding an existing office
Other (please specify): Fiber

2) What type of ceiling?

Hard Lid
Drop Ceiling
Other (please specify):

3) Is this a warehouse needing cable?

4) When do you need the work completed?

Within a few weeks
Within a few months
Within 3 to 6 months
In more than 6 months

5) How many locations or drops will you need to connect to the network?

Unsure, but at least 5

Please Note: Locations or drops include employee workstations as well as common area applications such as fax machines and conference phones

6) What type of network/phone connection(s) will you need at the majority of locations/workstations?

Both Data and Phone
Data only
Phone only
Not sure

7) What is or will be the required bandwidth speed for your network?

Less than 1 Gigabyte
More than 1 Gigabyte
Not sure

8) Will you need the cabling/wiring to connect multiple floors within your office(s)?

No - Cabling/Wiring is for one floor only
Yes - Multiple floors will need to be connected
Not sure

9) Is this cabling for multiple buildings?

10) What additional products/services will you need? (check all that apply)

Fiber Optics
Phone system
Floor rack
Wall rack
Patching Panel
Other (please note)

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