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Important Items to Consider for Your Remote DVR System

When you set up your remote DVR system, there are several important things to consider that will ensure you get the most optimal benefits from your system. These include:

?A static IP address -- Utilizing a remote DVR device and corresponding web server will require you to have a static IP address assigned to the device.

?Carefully consider compression rate and transmission format -- The compression rate and transmission format of the captured video data will have a big impact on the quality of the image displayed. In general, the better the image quality, the more disk space required to store the image, and the longer it takes to transmit it remotely. Compression rates and image resolutions do vary by camera, but you can configure file transfer settings from your DVR device as well.

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There is a wide variety of remote DVR devices available on the market. You can find many quality offerings from a number of companies that specialize in these devices. A company called OptiView is just one example. They offer a wide selection of remote DVR units that can support from four all the way up to 48 surveillance cameras. Their DVRs are designed to facilitate remote video access as well as remote camera control abilities. They offer 704X480 display resolution and H.264 real time rate of compression. This functionality ensures you will have access to quality playback images without the skipping that often occurs during remote video playback.

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Incorporating a DVR device that offers remote functionality will add a tremendous amount of versatility to your surveillance system. You will gain access to view live and recorded video feeds, search stored video archives, set and change user settings, change camera settings and positions, and manage individual camera recording schedules. If you are interested in learning more about how the OptiView devices mentioned can help you gain this functionality, you can click on the following link to view a live security DVR demo and see how their product works.

Mark is the Chief Revenue Officer of SCT Product Sales, Inc.

CCTV Product Range

CCTV Security Systems, Equipment & Installation

Image Acquisition

A variety of cameras, lenses, housings, mounts and lamps are available to accommodate specialist needs or general-purpose use.

Monochrome Cameras

Provide good images in low light conditions with Infra-red lighting.

Colour Cameras

Generally the accepted standard for most installations where good lighting is available.

Colour/Mono Cameras

These cameras have all the benefits of colour, combined with the superior night time performance of monochrome cameras and Infra-red lighting.


Lens selection is especially critical since the choice directly affects the size, and quality of the image. Various options are available to meet the most demanding of requirements.

CCTV Security Systems, Equipment & Installation

PTZ & Dome Cameras

Allow an operator to direct the camera to the area of interest. Powerful zoom capabilities and fast movement allow targets & patterns of operation to be programmed. Various mounting options are available for internal or external use.

CCTV Security Systems, Equipment & Installation

Time lapse VCR

These record directly to standard videotape. Various models are available to record over time periods varying from 24 to 960 hours. A standard VCR can only record one video channel; but multiple channels can be recorded by the addition of switchers or multiplexers.

CCTV Security Systems, Equipment & Installation

Image Recording

The analogue VCR has been the standard method of recording for many years, and is now joined by Digital recorders.

Digital recorders

These utilise PC technology and record the footage to a Hard Disk or DVD. Some systems also use CD/RW and /or Digital Audio Tape (DAT) for archive purposes. Digital recorders are available as single channel or multi channel products, thus eliminating the need for a separate multiplexer.

Video display

CCTV Security Systems, Equipment & Installation

Systems employing many cameras require a means of selecting and displaying the footage from the required camera on a particular display monitor.

CCTV Security Systems, Equipment & Installation


These generally used in small, low cost applications. A manual switcher allows users to select the required camera by pressing an appropriate button. These devices can also switch from one camera to another automatically, or on receipt of an alarm.

CCTV Security Systems, Equipment & Installation

Matrix Switchers

Large CCTV systems, employing many cameras and monitors, will require a means of distributing the footage to the selected monitors and recording devices.  This can be achieved with a Matrix Switcher.  With multiple keyboards, several operators are able to control the system at the same time.

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