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This Changes Everything: Spectra IV IP Based Security Camera

An IP-based camera positioning system with the features, responsiveness, and reliability of the most trusted name in the industry. Designed for the stringent ?and unique ?demands of security. Seamless integration into all video security applications while delivering fi rst-of-its kind, true hybrid functionality. Spectra IV IP Changes Everything. Featuring all of the advantages of a network camera with the performance of an analog system, Spectra IV IP is the best of both worlds and is guaranteed to be the benchmark for every IP-based positioning system to follow.

A True IP System
First and foremost, Spectra IV IP is an advanced network-based camera positioning system designed as an edge appliance for deployment in any number of security applications. Delivering three simultaneous IP streams, bidirectional audio and high-quality, real-time video (4CIF at 30 IPS), today’s security professionals can view and control the industry’s leading camera/dome positioning system from virtually anywhere in the world.

Based on an open architecture, Spectra IV IP works with popular IP protocols and third-party manufacturers are already developing API integration in order to bring it into network based applications.

Spectra IV IP seamlessly integrates with the Digital Sentry product line and is also Endura-Enabled to record, manage, configure and view multiple live streams. When used in such applications, Spectra IV IP has access to EnduraStor and EnduraView for optimized image quality and bandwidth efficiency.

Dual-System Functionality
Designed with integration into existing network architectures in mind, Spectra IV IP maintains all of the features found in its analog counterpart, the sole exception being the integrated UTP circuit. With an ability to stream high-quality, real-time video directly from the camera to a network recording system, Spectra IV IP offers high-end IP functionality and recording flexibility.

And while security personnel will delight in its network-based functionality, the ability to simultaneously view video and control the dome through an analog matrix means zero latency and the lightning fast control and response that are demanded in many of today’s applications.

“In reality, Spectra IV IP is a true hybrid system in that it supports both IP and analog video ?and can do so simultaneously,?explains Dan Scroggins, Product Marketing Manager. And it is because of this that Spectra IV IP delivers value and results to customers in a number of ways. “Signifi cantly, Spectra IV IP can be deployed on any network, with highquality, full frame-rate video being sent via IP for viewing and archiving anywhere on the network. What puts Spectra IV IP yet another step ahead of competitive products is the analog control that it still affords its operator.

For those mission-critical situations in which accurate tracking of subjects is imperative, the analog control delivers latency-free command and control.?br>
Moreover, hybrid functionality provides system redundancy. In the event of a network failure, for example, analog control remains, enabling security personnel to continue to access the camera for both viewing and control.

By Security Professionals, For Security Professionals
Spectra camera systems have been delivering unprecedented results for over a decade. They are designed with security applications in mind ?and Spectra IV IP continues this tradition. Pelco understands what today’s security professionals demand from security products and technologies. Because of this, Spectra IV IP is wholly dedicated to delivering IP capabilities to meet the specific and rigorous demands of security applications.

Complementing all of its network capabilities are the features, functionality and performance of traditional Spectra IV systems, including the ability to hardwire alarms (seven) and relays (two).

And don’t forget, Spectra IV IP is still the industry’s only truly modular positioning system. Choose from fi ve autofocus, high resolution integrated optics packages; eight back-box options; six lower domes and 15 mounting options and you’ll see that the numbers really add up.

Giving you even greater flexibility, the TXB-IP encoder can be retrofitted into previously installed analog Spectra IV products, allowing for a sensible analogto-digital migration strategy, enabling customers to continue to leverage their analog investment with a powerful IP-based positioning system readyfor deployment at a moment’s notice.

The IP Story Comes: Into Greater Focus
With the addition of Spectra IV IP, Pelco continues to grow its suite of network based camera offerings. Complementing the IP3701 Series fixed IP cameras and Camclosure IP integrated camera systems, Spectra IV IP is yet another addition to the Pelco IP portfolio. Whether needing a small form factor presence or the ability to view video that only the Spectra IV IP 35x IOP can deliver, Pelco brings credibility to video security over the network.

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